but, mostly “there”…

Well – I don’t really post much here anymore.  I started the blog almost 3 years ago… and, I think I’m about done here.  I just don’t feel like blogging about this stuff (religion, or my past, or my family issues) anymore… but, I’ll leave this blog up for now in case anyone else finds it interesting… or, in case I change my mind and decide I need to vent again.   (which, is entirely possible knowing me =).

For now, though, I think this blog served it’s purpose, and served me well, actually.   I guess, I really needed it and am glad I had it.  It was therapeutic.  I think it helped me sort out a lot of junk in my head that I never really completely was open or honest with anyone before about in “real life”.   I think I learned a lot.  Grew a lot.  Like I understand more about my past and myself now.  I feel more at peace now, I think, than I ever did before.   More clear on how I feel and what I think.  More accepting of myself and others.

I also met a lot of interesting people.  For the first time really, Read the rest of this entry »


BS Emails…

I have a big pet peeve about emails that are BS.  Sucks to be me, right?  Because this is an ongoing and very common occurrence.  But, I can’t help it.  It really irritates me how many people believe everything they get in an email, and then send it along as if it’s the god’s honest truth.  I’ve learned that pretty much anything that is really controversial, or pulls at your heart strings, or mentions famous names of people who said something, or is just plain appalling – is probably BS.

I’m one of those people who look up things Read the rest of this entry »