To me… when I was 13…

Whelp… I’ve been tagged… by Rebecca from her “Fictional Reality” blog.   The idea is to write a letter to yourself when you were 13.  This was her post – “Tag! You’re it!, and is a good read that leaves one wondering… “what exactly happened at her cousin’s wedding anyway??”.  =)

It is funny that not too long ago, I wound up writing a post called “If I could go back in time… “.  In that post, I wound up writing about what I would tell myself if I could go back 6 years ago… when I was pregnant with my 2nd son, had a 5 year old son, and was taking care of my dieing father.

I didn’t plan to write it… it just rolled off…  and the really weird thing is that only a couple days later, I wound up face to face with a pregnant woman – pregnant with her 2nd son, and she has a 4 year old son, and she had just lost her mother.  I wound up in a deep conversation with her, even though we hardly knew each other… and, saying many of the same things to her that I had just written about.

Anyway – now, I’m faced with writing to my 13 year old self… Read the rest of this entry »


A lil comedy break…

Ok – This is a little crude humor from Margaret Cho…. called, “These Christian Groups Have Lost Their Minds”.   I couldn’t help but laugh… a lot…. cause… ya know…sometimes… I like crude rude humor… and I can relate to what she’s joking about. No, I don’t think that ALL Christians are like this… but… ummmm…  I’ve met my fair share.

So, if you are Christian…. don’t watch it… I’m not looking to offend anyone… but, if you’re like me? You might get a kick a laugh from this…




My teen life in a musical youtube nutshell…

I was mulling over my last post…. and, my teenage years in my head. 

My teen years marked the beginning of my dual lifestyle…

One one hand…  I was starting to doubt and reject a lot of what I was being taught by mom and church in general.. but, I was still going to church 2-5 times a week and singing in the choir, where I’d basically be partaking in a lof of this:

(“Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow” )

Then, on the days I wasn’t playing the part of the good little Christian girl, I was skipping school, jumping out my window, and staying over my heathen friends houses a lot in order to sneak to rock concerts and parties, and banging my head to the likes of this:

(“Running with the Devil” – VanHalen)

Explains a lot, doesn’t it???


I’ve been on a Mission (not from God)

I’ve been on a mission.

And, now, I have a reeeeeeally strong desire to now say, “We’re on a mission from God”, but I won’t because it is totally off base here… It’s just that I love that line from one of the all time best comedy movies – the Blues Brothers. (See bottom of my post for details =)

But, no… my mission was definitely not “from God”… and, it was also pretty futile anyway. I found myself in an all out email war with a good friend of mine. A friend I grew up with… and we are still friends… remarkably… because we have almost nothing in common. This has always been true, but has been amplified the last couple years. Read the rest of this entry »

And now- for something completely different…

Ok – I have been whining, and getting some pretty good feedback, validation and encouragement. Thank you. I needed that. Please stay tuned, as I’m sure I will take this very good advice and continue to bitch and moan about my childhood. I DO think it helps me sometimes to vent and just spit it all out there…

However, let’s pause for a brief commercial break…

So, have you seen that stupid extreme makeover commercial that uses the “it’s alright to cry” song?  The one that goes:

It’s all right to cry
Crying gets the sad out of you
It’s all right to cry
It might make you feel better

It’s a funny commercial, stupid..  and very effective as I keep getting it stuck in my head. 

I am thinking I might do a re-mix of it… maybe turn it into a youtube video and change the lyrics to:

It’s all right to blog
blogging gets the built-up-emotional-crap-that’s-been-festering-for-years-and-years out of you
It’s all right to blog
It might make you feel better

Whaddaya think?  Catchy, isn’t it??  🙂
I bet wordpress steals it from me now.  >:/

before I start going off on any tangents about it, let’s all just enjoy this classic version from Rosey Grier, shall we??