Why do Atheists care about Religion?

For all those who ask atheists or agnostics “why do you talk about religion and God if you don’t believe??”…

Now… I may have some of my own very personal reasons for losing my faith and having my doubts…  personal reasons that I  I have spewed out all over this blog…  but, here are a few…   not so personal reasons… that should help anyone understand the bigger reasons out there for blogs like this…

and, more –

Lastly, some food for thought…


5 Responses to “Why do Atheists care about Religion?”

  1. mary a. kaufman Says:

    I needed but a few minutes with you to know that I have found what the religiously-minded call, a “soul-mate”. Finding an actual, thinking, live specimen in one’s own vacinity is akin to finding that proverbial needle in that proverbial haystack. I’ll be back. Mary from Meander With Me

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I liked the first video best, I like that he’s put it out there that atheists are constrained in what they do because of other peoples beliefs. The world is unfair.

    I tagged you btw.

  3. samanthamj Says:

    Hi Rebecca –
    Yeah… the first video sort of hit home most with me… but, I have to say I really like the last one too.. even though it’s off subject. To me, that little blue dot puts a lot into perspective.

    And, as you see, I did your tag. I am utterly amazed at how much I had to say to myself. LOL 😉 It was a fun write though… probably a bit therapeutic… thanks for the push to do it.



  4. mary a. kaufman Says:

    I just came from spending a bit of time on Adam Smith’s blogsite. You might be interestedin the comment I left for him. Although I did not have time to read all of what you wrote, I read enough to assure you that you are on the right track. If it was “God” who “created” the brains within our heads, surely he expected us to use them: that is unless “the heavenly hosts” or whatever else he is supposed to have created, wasn’t enough sycophanic praise for him. . . he needed the praise of men, who, for the most part throughout the centuries. have lived precarious and frugal lives. Oh, God, spare me from stupidity.

  5. samanthamj Says:

    Hi Mary…
    So you went over there? Another person who likes to bang their head… cool. 😉 I did stop back there, but didn’t see your comment. I’m guessing you didn’t make it out of “waiting for moderation”. But, you are expressing one of my main complaints… why would God make us so inquisitive and thirsty for understanding, if we weren’t supose to understand? Spare me, is right.
    Thanks =)

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