I so want to go see this movie when it comes out this weekend…   however, I’m sure I don’t know anyone who would go see it with me… and far be it from me to try to talk anyone into going to see it and have them accuse me of being the devil’s advocate. 

I will go see it, though…  somehow.  It looks hilarious, and poignant.


6 Responses to “Religulous”

  1. jamon Says:

    Do you know, I’ve never been to a movie on my own. It takes guts that I don’t have.

    That said, Reilgulous isn’t out in the UK and I’m keen to see it. So, could you go watch it and tell us what you think.

    Imagine us readers going with you it you’d like. Though don’t talk to us. You may get looked at 😉

  2. mary a. kaufman Says:

    If it were possible, I’d go to see the movie with you. I intend to see it but like you, I’ll be going alone.

  3. Marie Says:

    Hey! I saw Religulous on friday by myself! The theater was packed, and there were a lot of people alone there! I was surprised, but I think a lot of people are in the position like us. We have de-converted, but those around us have not and cannot stomach our new outlooks. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t carry a little religious belief so I went alone.

    The movie was great. I definitely would have liked it to be more about the debunking of the religions themselves with more substance, but I think Bill Maher was trying to deconstruct the religious people moreso as a commentary on how religion influences the people, which influences our entire society. So in some senses I was disappointed, but it was good. I really wish he would do a follow-up movie about us de-converts. I think we are a subject totally ignored. I don’t think most people even fathom that we exist!

    In the film, I also liked the concluding “call to action” – one of the first times I’ve felt vigor about being a non-believer.

    I hope you post your thoughts! You may be sitting in the theater alone, but we’re all here with you!

    Well I just found your blog, great to be here!!!


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  5. Paul Says:

    I urge you to go see this movie. You had a crazy religious upbringing just like I did. This movie is very healing for atheists/agnostics. The movie shows him going from one religeous person to the next and interviewing them about their creed. It is done in a very sympathetic way. He asks muslims, christians, jews, and others about their beliefs and asks simple, logical follow up questions and then waits for the answer. Thing is, there usually isn’t an answer and that is the funny part. It is hilarious and poignant, since maher makes the connection between apocalyptic prophecy and the possibility of religion bringing about a man made apocalypse. It is one of the best movies I have seen this year.

  6. tobeme Says:

    This preview looks great. I will see this!

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