BS Emails…

I have a big pet peeve about emails that are BS.  Sucks to be me, right?  Because this is an ongoing and very common occurrence.  But, I can’t help it.  It really irritates me how many people believe everything they get in an email, and then send it along as if it’s the god’s honest truth.  I’ve learned that pretty much anything that is really controversial, or pulls at your heart strings, or mentions famous names of people who said something, or is just plain appalling – is probably BS.

I’m one of those people who look up things I get in emails on snopes, and then send an email back to the sender with a link telling them why it’s BS.  I try to do this nicely  – but, it’s not always easy.

I once really pissed off a friend by telling her the email she forwarded on to everyone and their mother, where it went on about all kinds of crap and claimed to be quotes from George Carlin, was not from George Carlin.  She then asked – “WHAT do I CARE who actually said it?  She just liked it.” – to which I replied – “I care because it’s a LIE!  And, mixed in to the humor, I DID find OFFENSIVE and INCORRECT information.  And, If it doesn’t MATTER who said it, they WHY do they have to use his name?!!?”.   Of course we know why.. it’s to add credibility, and make people read it… or believe it… or like it…  which pisses me off… because it’s a LIE.  My friend and I actually had it out about this… LOL.

Anyway – lately, I’ve been getting bombarded by all the political emails circulating… mostly from religious nuts – spreading downright lies about Obama.  The blatant lies, usually heavily laced with discrimination and fear tactics, are so ridiculous.  Yet, good people I know, whole heatedly believe these emails and then forward them on.

I just want to tell them WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

Yes – there are BS emails out about McCain – but, most of the ones on him I’ve seen were actually claiming something good that wasn’t true – like:

  1. Presidential Pensions •••
    John McCain would not be eligible to draw a pension after serving two terms as president?
  2. John McCain: Senior Moment ••••
    John McCain came up with a clever put-down for a student who claimed the older generation can’t understand the current one?

(Both false, BTW)

Now, I have to say that I do admire John McCain’s history as a war hero… and appreciate that aspect of him.  But, I do not know that makes him the best candidate for president.  And, I certainly don’t like the way his campaign seems to be more intent on trash talking about Obama then talking about real issues.  I mean, I’ve seen many more BS emails that were just plain nasty geared towards Obama.  Here’s a list of a few disturbing and completely BS emails I’ve received lately  – and the links with more info for them:

  1. Is Barack Obama a natural-born citizen of the U.S.? Is Barack Obama a natural-born citizen of the U.S.?
  2. E-mail describes Illinois senator Barack Obama as a ‘radical Muslim’ who ‘will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  ‘ Who Is Barack Obama?
  3. Barack Obama does not place his hand over his heart when the U.S. national anthem is played? Barack Obama and the National Anthem
  4. Hundreds of people with physical ailments have reported being healed by a touch from Barack Obama? Obama Heals Hundreds
  5. E-mail reproduces Barack Obama’s comments on the U.S. national anthem? Obama Explains National Anthem Stance
  6. Has Barack Obama refused to make his birth certificate available because it contains damaging information about him? Barack Obama Birth CertificateAnd my personal favorite:
  7. Does the Book of Revelation describe the anti-Christ as someone with characteristics matching those of Barack Obama? Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?


Now, I am not really big on politics in general.  I don’t really believe too much out of any politicians mouth.  And like most lies, sometimes there is a shred of truth mixed in to all the BS… but, more often than not they are so far fetched it’s ridiculous.  And, people BELIEVE them! ! ?  Really ?

I would like to think that MOST people are smarter than that…  but, apparently… not most that I know.  Which leads me to believe that the really smart sneaky ones are the Ass*!&’s that make up the crap and start it circulating n the first place.  They should be shot.  Or at least condemned to a life without the Internet.

Ya know? The facts are hard enough to decipher without all these annoying emails!!  If something seems hard to believe – there’s probably a reason for that!

One thing is for sure, and that is whomever I vote for  – will not be voted for due to some BS I get in an email!



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