Spiritual Atheism…???

Hmmmm???   Now this peaked my interest… 





7 Responses to “Spiritual Atheism…???”

  1. chris Says:

    sounds like like a form of pantheism. why the name “atheism” (who are at least skeptical towards mysticism) i do not get.

  2. Sue Ann Edwards Says:

    What we don’t “get”, is usually because of a thinking process called “anal-ysis”, which is best viewed as hindsight, inferring where our head is at.

    Unity awareness is created through a process of Synthesis, an actual and genuine process of adding one idea to another WITHOUT creating ANY contradictions; the exact opposite of anal-ysis.

  3. mary a. kaufman Says:

    For some reason or another, I have a problem with understanding the words: spirit, spiritual and spiritualism. I cogitate, I sense emotion such as love and hate, I have compassion for the suffering of all things living, both human and animal, I thrill at nature’s beauty, I fear her fearful storms, I am aware of my physical being as well as that of others, but, all that is possible only because I have a healthy brain within my skull. I find absolutely nothing spiritual in the fact. What others choose to call the “spirit”, and I simply call “me”, will cease to function after death deprives the brain of oxygen and the process of decomposition begins. I realize, of course, that I am simply a “listener” and not an participant when it comes to much of what is discussed on a blog such as this.

  4. Sue Ann Edwards Says:

    {{mary}}, what if you substituted the word/concept of “life” instead? For “life” is all inclusive, it includes experiences we label as both “good” AND “bad”. Both birth and death are experiences in life. Our perspective in a boat paddling down a river is different that the perspective we would have looking from above, like at the top of a canyon. “Spirit” represents the perspective of the Whole, rather then that of one of the parts.

  5. mary a. kaufman Says:

    If I am paddling a boat down a river, that is the one only perspective I perceive at the time, since it is impossible for me to be both in the boat and looking down on it from above. Though I view others from all angles, I cannot experience their experiences. Life is lived at the moment, remembered and invisioned: nothing spiritual in the process. I see no reason for making simplicity, complicated.

  6. chris Says:

    I think the problem is not the subjective nature of experience , its the communication of the word “spirituality”. So many people use the word with a different meaning. Some use it describe consciousness alone, some use as to describe the “essence” of everything, etc..
    That makes the word very difficult for me to use.
    I have to explain my own usage or to clarify my own perspective.

  7. mary a. kaufman Says:

    Chris, perhaps that is the reason I try to never use such words as ‘spiritual’and ‘spirituality’. When using the word ‘spirit’, I try to use it strictly as a means to describe one’s state of mind.

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