2008 – It’s gonna be a GOOD year… (cross post)

The following is a from a post I just made on my ther blog at:

I wanted to post this info here too… in case anyone is interested in donating, or has feed back about this and/or any other charities they feel are worth while causes… 

“Yup…. 2008 is going to be my year.  There.  I’ve said it…. well, written it…. and therefore, it shall be. 
(Work with me folks, I’m trying to start of the year with some positive thinking.  😉

So, I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like 2007 went out with slow and steady burn. A burn that seemed to spontaneously combust sometime around mid November and just kept going strong up until 2 nights ago on new year’s eve. I almost burned out with it.  Almost…. but, well… in the end… I pulled up a chair, a stick, and a few marshmallows and gazed into the fire… enjoying the reflections of 2007… the warmth of family and friends all around… until 2008 suddenly dropped a water bucket down at 12 midnight, and 2007 suddenly fizzled out.  But, me?  I was still standing… with marshmallow goo on my face, ready for another year.  Or something like that, anyway  😉 

Before I get sidetracked talking about anything else…  and then run out of time, or my fingers run out of steam… I wanted to write about 2 hi-lights that have been on my mind a lot… (maybe 3).

 Ok – first up – Ok – first up – after much researching and thinking, talking, reading and internet surfing – my family and I have decided that this year we are going to make a monthly pledge to the charity “Action Against Hunger-USA“.  I like the fact that this charity seems to be everywhere doing good things, and that 91%  of their proceeds goes directly to their programs in the field. They also offer long term solutions as well as immediate assistance where it’s really needed.   They are a 4 star organization according to “Chariy Navigator“… and, they are “non-governmental, non-religious”.  I like that.  No agenda’s to suck up donated monies… 

My boys want to help too, and plan to pitch in their allowance one week a month.   We kept seeing those commercials on TV to sponsor a child…. which are so heart-wrenching… but, after researching those charities and many others – I just like this one better.  So, we don’t get the pictures and letters – but, when it’s all said and done, I feel like we might be helping more this way.  I wish we had a lot more to give… but, it’s something. 

(rest of post (not related to AAH) can be found here-  http://samanthamj.wordpress.com/2008/01/03/2008-its-gonna-be-a-good-year/ )

Happy 2008 everyone.  =) 



2 Responses to “2008 – It’s gonna be a GOOD year… (cross post)”

  1. mary a. kaufman Says:

    Samanthamj, May 2008 prove to be all you need it to be. If you think the years are going by a little too rapidily now, wait until you are in your eighties. I’ve joted down ‘Action Against Hunger’ and will look into it. I am so often appalled at the hundreds of thousnds of dollars the Chief Executives of many charitable institutions rakes in, that it takes away all charitable thoughts I might otherwise have. I’ve neighbors right back of me that can use all the help they can get. Somehow, someway, we have to have fewer children born who are unplanned, unwanted and born into dire poverty.

  2. samanthamj Says:

    Hey Mary – nice to “see” ya. =) Thanks for checking them out. Let me know if you find anything of interest. I have my own similiar concerns with many charities myself. This one seemed different.

    My mother has become a “missionary” of sorts and has a passion for going to Asia. My main problem with that, is that the organizations she’s involved in seem more worried about saving souls for the next life time (and condeming them in the process), than they are with making peoples lives better THIS lifetime. That, and the fact that I see so many of them doing it for their own personal reasons (they like to travel, feel important, not have to work real jobs, run away from their own problems) and claim that it is all God’s will…. Ha!

    Anyway – I also hear you about your neighbor… and I think it’s just as important, if not more, that we help the ones we actually see every day and in our own community.


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