A lil comedy break…

Ok – This is a little crude humor from Margaret Cho…. called, “These Christian Groups Have Lost Their Minds”.   I couldn’t help but laugh… a lot…. cause… ya know…sometimes… I like crude rude humor… and I can relate to what she’s joking about. No, I don’t think that ALL Christians are like this… but… ummmm…  I’ve met my fair share.

So, if you are Christian…. don’t watch it… I’m not looking to offend anyone… but, if you’re like me? You might get a kick a laugh from this…





3 Responses to “A lil comedy break…”

  1. V Says:

    Very funny…thanks for that!


    maybe you are out of your mind

  3. Samanthamj Says:

    LOL… hey, maybe… but, I did tell ya not to watch it, Jan…

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