The Call

Saw mom yesterday at my brother’s. She seemed to be doing well… except she started in again about not knowing where she was going to live in a few months… and complaining how broke she is. I mentioned that my oldest brother said she could go there… and she scoffed at the idea. Too far from her church, she said. Well, then, I told her she better start looking into cheaper apartments.

She was fishing… hoping I’d give her the slightest hope of coming to live with me.  She was being downright blunt.  So, I was very careful not to move too fast or give even the slightest glimmer of a chance of this to her.   Sort of like being at an auction, and afraid to move and make a bid.  LOL

After going on and on about how broke she is, she then went on and on about her latest plans for ministries. She’s flying to Nashville for “The Call, Nashville, direct from Tennessee with Lou Engle”. Then, in a few weeks later, she is traveling to help out with some other missionary trip to help (and preach to) folks still rebuilding after hurricane Katrina.

Ok – the Katrina efforts at least sounds like a worthy cause and hopefully they do help some people, and not just preach at them.  I give her credit for wanting to help.  I struggle with believing that is her true reasons for going… but, okay… who cares… as long as it DOES help some people.

But, this weekend prayer meeting, “The Call”?? Come on.   Now I know why she was talking about fasting before and all.  40 day fast she was doing.  40 days??

She is spending her savings faster that she can fill out withdrawal slips. She already sold her home and all her stuff. She is no longer collecting any compensation from her missionary group. She is paying her way for everything. I wouldn’t have a problem with this, if she wasn’t at the same time laying a sob story and a guilt trip on me about where is she going to live and how broke she is.

But, what REALLY irritated me, is when she implied that I should take my 10 yr old son to this… because “how will I ever know if I don’t”.  ??  Huh?  How will I know what, I asked?  After some hemming and hawing, I realized she was referring to his hearing loss.  My 10 year old wears hearing aids… born with a mild hearing loss.  I was appalled at her suggestion.

Yeah… that’s JUST what I want to subject my son to.  ?!?  A bunch of people laying hands on him and praying in tongues… trying to tell him to believe that God will heal his hearing.  He would be totally freaked out.  He’s never been exposed to such things (and I hope won’t be anytime soon!).

Plus, I told her that I have spent years telling him that his hearing loss is not that big of a deal… just one small part of him, but, something he has to deal with.  How we all have problems and things we have to deal with.  How he is lucky he can have hearing aids and that he is so smart and has everything else going for him.  And, he deals with it very well.  It doesn’t slow him down at all.

And, now she wants me to get him thinking his hearing loss is something really bad that he should be praying to God to heal?   And, when God doesn’t “heal” him?  Then what?  He can feel like he doesn’t deserve it?

I told her that he was fine… and God can worry about helping someone else who really needs it.

UGH! *sigh* Every once in a while, she reminds me of why I do not want her to watch my kids by herself.  I could totally see her dragging him off to something like that behind my back…

Then, I get this email from her tonight:

—–Original Message—–
From: (MY MOM)
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2007 12:34 AM
To: (Everyone and their mother)
Subject: Fw: Another way to be a part of The CALL

Dear friends and family,
Pass it on! I’ll be in Nashville. Maybe see me on TV !

—– Original Message —–
Subject: Another way to be a part of The CALL

In case, you want to participate, or know someone who does, but can’t make it to TN or another planned event… This is another way to join in…

Then, on 7-7-07, GOD TV will broadcast the 12 hour prayer marathon event, TheCall, Nashville, direct from Tennessee with Lou Engle.

GOD TV has previously aired TheCall from London and San Francisco, where tens of thousands of Christians have united to see change come to their nation. Now more than 100,000 will be gathering to pray for moral revival in the USA and GOD TV will be bringing this full 12-hour broadcast LIVE into homes across the USA.

Lou Engle is the visionary and co-founder of The Call solemn assemblies, a movement of prayer gathering young adults to pray and fast for breakthrough and revival. The Call began in Washington, DC in 2000 gathering over 400,000 people to pray and fast for the United States. Since 2000, The Call has gathered hundreds of thousands people to pray both national and internationally. Now, after a few years of dormancy, The Call has been revived beginning in Nashville, and GOD TV will be there to carry it LIVE. Link is below…

Ok, I’m officially annoyed…
…. and tired…..

Good night.


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